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Taylor Returns To Studio..

Taylor will return to studio to add more songs to her album. Oh, isn’t she sweet? She wanted to give us more songs. I don’t really get it but maybe one of the 2 songs recently added to Fearless track listing(That’s The Way I Loved You and Forever&Always) hasn’t been recorded yet?

Taylor Swift will be in a Nashville recording studio today (Tuesday, September 23rd) to record one last-minute song for her upcoming album, Fearless. The singer told us she begged her label to add two additional songs to the CD, which, until recently, was finished. “Well, we thought it was all done, and then I really decided that I didn’t want to put 11 songs on it. I wanted to put 13 because I wrote one new song and found a song that I’d written a little while ago that I really wanted to put on the album. I just went to my record label and I was like, ‘Please let me do another recording session and we can mix it that night and then we can get it mastered that night and we can make the album deadline.'”

The song that Swift is recording today is the one she recently wrote. The other addition is a song that the teenager wrote with a fellow artist. “It’s a song that I wrote with John Rich, and I just decided it should be on the album. It’s already been recorded. We cut about 20 songs for the album and just kind of narrowed down which ones we wanted to put on the album, and so this was one of the songs we cut, and I realized I needed to have it on the album. Like, sometimes you go into an album with the mentality that if a song’s really great you want to save it for another album so that it can have a moment to be a single, and so that leaves some songs on the table if you put a lot of really great songs on the album you end up leaving some behind, but honestly, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Don’t forget to catch the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy as White Horse will be debuted there.

Taylor really love the show that she cried when she heard the news! That’s too sweet, like she said she’s an excitable person!

“You should’ve seen tears streaming down my face when I got the phone call that they were going to use that song,” she told Billboard. “I have never been that excited. My love of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has never wavered. It’s my longest relationship to date.”

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