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Hey guys, you might noticed that I added a quote section on the sidebar. There are only 9 quotes so far, I’ll add more soon. If you want to submit any quotes, you can email me or just comment on this post. I’ll credit you. Also, if you have any news/pictures/scans etc that you want to donate, you can do so by emailing me (my email is on the sidebar).
Anyway, move on, I also updated the important dates section on the sidebar. I’ll add more contents to the media section soon and probably a new layout since this one is actually our opening layout and it’s been online for more than a month. I’ll probably make a 3-column-layout so more information can be added to the front page. What do you guys think?

Posted by admin on 4 Oct 2008
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  1. zirhzjxocxiypcvfwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)