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USA Today Exclusive Backstage Pass

USA Today has an exclusive backstage pass of Taylor preparing for CMA here

Look for rising country star Taylor Swift in USA TODAY as she preps for the Country Music Association Awards, where she’s up for female vocalist of the year.

View the videos on that link.

Also, MTV has an interview video with Taylor at this link.

“With this situation, I feel like I owed it to my fans to be like, ‘Look, it happened, you weren’t crazy,’ and address it,” she told MTV News. “And I addressed it, and, you know, that’s a chapter in my life that’s closed now.”

Swift said references to her relationships on Fearless are more veiled than on past songs, like the VMA-nominated “Teardrops on my Guitar,” in which she calls out her former crush by name. “On this album, I had the opportunity to be more general, and it might have done me some good to be general,” she said.

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Posted by admin on 12 Nov 2008

11 Responses to “USA Today Exclusive Backstage Pass”

  1. hi taylor trying to find backstage passes… i really like you your passion is singing it is…

  2. Hey taylor i have been searching up and down for backstage passes for my wonderful girlfreind, she is a big fan she loves you to death, looking up to you, and you being her role model. but hey i am sure you here this same story many times but i am not doing this for me but my wonderful girlfreind katy, so please if you could help me out of getting back stage passes or tickets. either way we will both always be fans hope things keep going great with your career. sincerely dillon

  3. hey ive been looking everywhere for backstage passes to a taylor swift concert

  4. Hey Taylor,
    I’m coming to your concert on June 6th, I have been looking for backstage passes up and down. Myself and my friend whoa re going are HUGE fans, and it would mean the world to me if i could be told how to get them!
    I can;t wait for the concert. you are my idolll ! i love your passion for singing and i wish i can meet you ,

    thank you in advance,

  5. Hey Taylor!!! i love your music and i really would love to come to one of your concerts… i have never been to a concert before and i would really like for me to come to yours as a first timer!

  6. Hi Taylor,
    I purchased tickets for my daughter, Taylor, for your September 5th concert in Charlotte, NC. She absolutely loves you and sings your songs all the times. She has even started trying to write some songs trying to be just like you. She is 11 years old and will be 12 on May 7th. The tickets to your concert are part of her birthday gift. She would love to meet you. Would it be possible for her to come backstage for the Charlotte, NC concert to meet you? I will be bringing her to the concert. If you could spare the time for a little North Carolina girl that loves you and wants to be just like you, please let me know. Thanks Taylor!

  7. Hi Taylor,
    My daughter ,Taylor will be turing 14 on May 4th and myself will be 37 on May 2nd. My Taylor KNOWS all the words to your songs.I would love for her to be able to meet you, she would be so tickled. Just thought I would take a chance and write you this email. Thanks so much for coming to Greensboro so we can come to your concert. Your the best role model for my daughter, I want her to be just like you, loving and carefree… We would love to meet you!!

    Taylor and MOM

  8. Hey Taylor,
    me and my mate are coming to see you on the 6th may at shepherds bush, and we adore youre music its all we really listen to. Its her Birthday a cuple of days before and it would mean the world to her if you could get her some backstage tickets to see you. shes such an amazing singer and is really passionate about your songs, especially white horse. If you cant get backstage tickets for such short notice i would be really grateful if you could give her a shoutout from me saying Happy Birthday.
    thanks Beckie xx

  9. Hey Taylor where can I find backstage passes? Please let me know I have been wanting to meet you ever scince i first heard one of your songs! Please reply!

  10. TAYLOR SWIFT! i really wish this is you because i am probably your biggest fan, and all i want in my life is to meet you! i know all your songs, watched all your videos… which sounds kinda stalkerish but i really try not haha. you’ v inspired me sooo much this past year! i cant even begin to explain my life if i haven’t discovered you! You taught me to ignore the mean girls and focus on my career. I want to be a fashion designer, and because of you i started to advertise my stuff just like you did. (but with your songs) I dont know what i would do if i didnt have you in my life! my name is Zoe,I am 14, I am from Cleveland Ohio, and im so exited to see you at the concert!!!!

  11. Hi Taylor! I am trying to figure out how to get backstage passes or some sort of meet and greet so my son can see you!!!

    I have been trying EVERYTHING to get a message to you…but have no clue what you actually read yourself. Anyway, I have 2 boys the oldest will turn 9 years old on July 18th…the day of your Charleston W.VA. concert!! He LOVES your music and everything about you!! We were watching you on the Geaorge Straight special a few weeks ago..and he told me and his dad that “he swears on his grave that he will see you in concert before he dies” So I knew then that I had to get tickets to your concert…and I got them for your Charleston concert on his actual b-day July 18th!! We live in Richmond VA., but will be sooo happy to travel to see you…just the excitement on his face will be worth it. He doesn’t know we are going yet…it will be a surprise!!