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New Haircut?

I don’t think so.

Okay, so I’m sure that some of you have seen the pictures of Taylor with new haircut, she had bangs and her hair was straight.
If you haven’t check out the picture here.

Anyway, 4 hours ago Taylor posted this on her twitter:

please don’t panic, I didn’t cut my hair. :)
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

So, I guess it’s just an old pic, or wasn’t it?

Posted by admin on 23 Dec 2008

12 Responses to “New Haircut?”

  1. hey what are you doing girl

  2. hey did you get your hair cut offf and black??????…plz say no

  3. i am soooooooo happy she didn’t it’s cute but i like it long better.

  4. acually taylor did cut her hair sholder height and colored it muchh lighter and cut her bangs straight across i saw it on mtv just a few seconds ago it looks just like lady gagas i likedd it longg thoughh but her new cut is cutee too.

  5. Taylor swift will go in philippines and have a concert?
    i hope it will happen:(

  6. Her hair is not shoulder length – saw her in concert last night (5/22 in Los Angeles). Not cut, no extensions. Just her own hair.

  7. what’s her hair cut i love it ! ! !

  8. What about these pictures?


    In the first few pictures it looks like her hair is cut…

  9. Omg. but at the CMA awards Taylor’s hair was super short. DOes anyone know if she cut it?

  10. She didn’t cut it cause she did a performance with her hair down. She most probably pinned it under her hair. I’m glad she didn’t. =)

  11. OMG that hair is sooooooo cute lol love ya girl

  12. i wanted her to cut it even though i love the long hair i love the way it looked on the VMAs