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Vote for Taylor!

Thanks so much to the amazing April who sent me all these links to vote for Taylor

CMT Pure 12 Countdown ( Love Story)

Vh1 Top 20 Countdown ( Love Story)

Fuse No.1 Countdown ( Love Story)

CMT Top 20 Countdown ( Love Story & White Horse)

GAC Top 20 Countdown ( Love Story & White Horse You can vote for Both)

Musiqtone The Count ( White Horse: you can vote 75 times each day)

Also, check out some videos from Taylor’s performances in Manchester on this post. Thanks Sujun.

Posted by admin on 24 Feb 2009

One Response to “Vote for Taylor!”

  1. Vote on GAC… There is a problem when the girl has two videos to vote for and you can vote for both and not even one is on the list. You gotta vote or she will fall off the list.