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Introducing the tour lineup

Hey guys, I added 2 pictures from Taylor’s myspace. One picture is Taylor and her dancers, and the other one is Taylor and her backup singer, Elizabeth.

Aren’t you excited for the tour?

Next, Taylor also blogged from her backstage living room! Read the blog below

Sitting in the backstage living room.

I’m laying on a comfortable, beautiful couch in the backstage club house/living room/”T party” room. It’s a room I’ve always wanted to have on other tours. It looks nothing like backstage. It looks like your living room. The walls are covered in magenta/maroon/gold/purple draped fabric, and the floors are carpeted with oriental rugs on top. There are lanterns hanging from the ceiling and candles everywhere. In the middle of everything is a column with pictures of my band and me all over it. Pictures that remind me of home. Pictures with Kellie, Abigail, Selena, my dad, my brother, the trip my band and crew and I took to Hawaii this summer.. My dancers, my crew.. Everyone’s in a picture. That’s just my favorite part of the room. The boys like the ping pong table, foosball table, and the big screen TV entertainment center. So I’m in heaven right now, sitting on the couch, waiting for everyone to get here to rehearse.

Hey, I wanted to thank you for getting me nominated for so many CMT awards this year!! You gave me the coolest night EVER last year when you won Video of the Year and Female Video for me… I’ll never forget that. Hey… if you want to vote for me again this year………. That would be awesome. I would like that :) A lot. (CMT.com)

I’m gonna get back to rehearsals. My opening band Gloriana was here yesterday, and we were working up some cool stuff. Kellie gets in tonight!! So excited.

love you guys!


Don’t forget to visit her myspace (like you haven’t already) and leave her some comments and love.

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