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Taylor nominated for CMT Music Awards

Hey guys, please vote for Taylor in 2009 CMT Music Awards.
She has been nominated in the following categories:

  1. Video of The Year (Love Story)
  2. Female Video of The Year (Love Story)
  3. Wide Open Country Video of the Year (Photograph – with Def Leppard)
  4. CMT Performance of the Year (Photograph – with Def Leppard)

Also, Trey Fanjoy (who directed both Love Story and White Horse) has been nominated for Director of The Year.

CLICK HERE to vote. You need to register first but it’s really fast and worth it (i.e. you could vote for Taylor).
The first round of voting ends May 11th. From there nominees will be cut down and the next round of voting will begin.

Posted by admin on 14 Apr 2009
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10 Responses to “Taylor nominated for CMT Music Awards”

  1. Taylor I love you and your music I am your number 1 fan, and can u write me back something nice or can me and u talk sometime.please love ya.

  2. Hi how are you doing

  3. sorry I just wanted to know you,becauseyou know I like you. Can you forgive me for that ?

  4. lovly girl

  5. wow that’s intresting.

  6. well it seems like you and your mom have fun together.

  7. pretty nice

  8. you told me that already

  9. but I think your better than her you may be young but you are the best.

  10. all that stuff up there except 1 and 2 are mess ups but I have one more thing to tell you I think that you are a rolemodel i’m not joking you are a role-model taylor I love you.