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About presale and tickets

Hey guys, I’ve noticed some of you asking about pre-sale codes and tickets on the comment section.
Please note that not all the pre-sale codes have been sent. it since signing up. As of yesterday, pre-sale codes for the following cities have been sent (source: twitter.com/taylornation13)

– San Jose
– Los Angeles
– Atlanta
– Foxboro
– Toronto
– Montreal
– Sacramento

If you want to stay up to date about this as well as other official updates, check outTaylor Connect and/or follow Jordan (who’s running TaylorSwift.com) on twitter: @taylornation13. If you have any more question about the pre-sale codes, I suggest you ask Jordan (:

EDIT: Guys, I couldn’t help you getting the pre-sale codes. Please do not ask me for those cause I’m not in contact with Tay or her team.

Posted by admin on 30 Nov 2010
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2 Responses to “About presale and tickets”

  1. Hi There,

    I am a member of the Taylor Swift Site and did not receive the presale code for Toronto. Can you please let me know ASAP?

    Charlene Gulka

  2. I still haven’t received my email! Can you tell me what the presale password is for Toronto??