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How did Taylor celebrate her birthday?

We knew that Taylor wanted a winter-themed birthday, but did that come true?

Well, according to the birthday girl herself during her visit to The Big 98 WSIX, it did come true!

Taylor shared that it snowed in Nashville and it kind of limit what she could do, but she’d like to just sit and pretend that she’s in a snowglobe. Adorable.
She also got a cake and they even sang happy birthday to her at WSIX.

You can listen to the interview, see photos, and watch a video of Taylor celebrating her birthday at WSIX studio here.

Also, if you read her tweets, you will know that Caitlin and Liz stopped by and brought her pizza with 21 candles and birthday hats. (=

PEOPLE summarized Taylor’s birthday celebration in this post.

Happy birthday Taylor!

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2 Responses to “How did Taylor celebrate her birthday?”

  1. Happy birthday Taylor!
    Have a wonderful year of 2011 with only the best things!!
    You deserve alot my idol <3
    Hope you had a great day!
    xoxo <3

  2. Hey Taylor
    Happy 21st b-day
    best year of ur life!!!
    ur my fave country singer
    keep singing!
    $P ILY <3