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Speak Now Tour: Singapore Indoor Stadium 02.09.2011

Hey everyone, I’m back! And what’s better than to start my updates with the first Speak Now tour stop, Singapore Indoor Stadium.
According the the reviews/articles, the concert was about 90 minutes long and she performed some songs from Fearless as well as Speak Now. Setlist is posted under the cut to avoid spoiling some of you. However, I am not sure if she will use the same setlist on US tour.

This is the intro and opening song from the concert (credit: deutschelmaedel)

Here are some links to pictures, videos, and articles from around the web.

Taylor’s Official Site | Straits Times



From Taylor:
THAT SHOW RULED!! Thank you Singapore. My band and I love you. And your dancing and jumping and singing and screaming! Good times.

About to head to the arena– Our first show tonight in Singapore! So stoked. So stoked. So stoked.

Getting ready listening to the acoustic version of “One Less Lonely Girl”, sending out good luck to @justinbieber! Huge day for you, friend!

We found ourselves in the middle of a street parade.Only one thing to do in this situation: thumbs-up tourist pic! http://twitpic.com/3xn2hu

We’re in beautiful Singapore! Just went exploring. Now it’s time for room service and a Friends marathon.

If you went to the concert +/- the T-party and took pictures, please send them to TSO (include your name so I can give you credit). If you’d like to share your stories, please also email TSO.

*SPOILER WARNING* Setlist under the cut. *SPOILER WARNING*



  1. Sparks Fly
  2. Mine
  3. The Story of Us
  4. Back To December
  5. You’re Not Sorry
  6. Better Than Revenge
  7. Speak Now
  8. Fearless
  9. Fifteen
  10. You Belong With Me
  11. Dear John
  12. Enchanted

  13. Long Live
  14. Love Story


(Please let me know if this was not the correct setlist)

Posted by admin on 9 Feb 2011
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3 Responses to “Speak Now Tour: Singapore Indoor Stadium 02.09.2011”

  1. my friend has the original printed setlist that the dj used on the day of her live singapore concert (:

  2. Really?! That’s amazing. :)
    Is this the correct setlist then?

  3. I go on March 7(@ The Netherlands) :D does she not do picture to burn??? :S