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#RED is out now

#RED is now available to purchase on iTunes in the US.

Get your copy HERE.

Physical CD is available for purchase at Target, Walgreens, Papa John’s, and Walmart.

While listening to RED, feel free to discuss here.
I’ve disabled the “comment must be approved by moderator” for the mean time, but please do not post personal info, rude comments, download links other than the legal ones, and keep it G-rated. I’ll still be moderating the comments section.
Other than that, feel free to discuss anything about Red. Favorite song? Least favorite song? Lyrics? Hidden messages?

Let the RED party begin!

Posted by admin on 21 Oct 2012
Album/Single Release

2 Responses to “#RED is out now”

  1. hei friends! im from argentina. lov T.S <3

    (EDITED by admin: Sorry, I had to remove your comment. I understand that it can be frustrating when the album is out in US and you cannot get it now, but please do not ask or post about download links other than the legal ones. Thank you. )

  2. Hi everyone! I’m so excited about Taylor Swift’s new album!!! I love her so much! Haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy yet