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Charleston Photo Blog

Taylor posted another photo blog, this time on Taylor Connect. (: The Charleston Photo Blog Here are two things you may already/might not know about me. One is that I make lists. Lists of music I love, lists of life goals (I’ve done that since I was eight years old), lists of things I need […]

Posted by admin on 25 Aug 2011
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New blogpost: A Midsummer Night’s Blog

Taylor has posted a new blog on Taylor Connect. Check it out! A Midsummer Night’s Blog I’m writing you on a summer afternoon in Nashville. All the idealistic markers of a perfect day are presenting themselves right now in this moment. I mean, we’re talking chirping birds, blinding sunshine, a just-the-right-amount breeze.. There’s the distant […]

Posted by admin on 1 Jul 2011
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Asian tour video blog

Taylor has posted a super-adorable video blog that was recorded during her visit to Asia. Check it out below. (: @taylorswift13: Toured Asia + had my camera with me = I made a video blog. :) http://tinyurl.com/4z3f9ul

Posted by admin on 23 Feb 2011
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New video blog

is up on TaylorSwift.Com. Go check it out! For more videos, you can go to TaylorTV.Net

Posted by admin on 26 Apr 2010
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New Video Blog: Fairytale Adventures in Australia and Japan.

Taylor posted a new video blog on her myspace. Check it out below or go to her myspace to watch Fairytale Adventures in Australia and Japan.Taylor Swift | MySpace Music Videos

Posted by admin on 3 Mar 2010
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New Photo Blog

Taylor posted a new photo blog on her myspace. I haven’t uploaded the pics, so head to blog to check it out. Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Just got back from some cool places…(photo blog) Hi guys :) We just got back from Australia and Japan. I won’t ever forget the people. Or the sky. (Al […]

Posted by admin on 23 Feb 2010

New Blog: Lots of Pics

Taylor posted a new blog on her myspace. It filled with pictures and to be honest, this blog I posted below kind of doesn’t make sense without the pics. So, here’s what happened. I was busy and didn’t have the time to check her myspace. By the time I got there, most of the pics […]

Posted by admin on 14 Jan 2010
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