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It feels like a perfect night (aka Happy Birthday Taylor)

A very happy birthday to the main lady, Taylor Swift. Today, she turns 23, and although she might no longer feeling 22, it seems (and we hope) that everything will be more than alright for her. So, Taylor, happy birthday. Thank you for sharing your gift, talent, music, and all around awesomeness with us fans. […]

Posted by admin on 13 Dec 2012
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ACM, Juno, and other old updates

There are too many updates and I don’t want to clog up the front page so I’m going to post the old updates here. Taylor received some plagues and awards on an event in Nashville’s Hard Rock Cafe (01.28.2011). It was called Heavy Metal at the Hard Rock Party. Taylor Swift celebrates her success in […]

Posted by admin on 10 Feb 2011
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Some Allure of The Seas videos

Here are some more clips from Taylor’s Royal Caribbean concert. From ETOnline: “The cool thing about playing the AquaTheater is that the crowd is in front of you, but they’re also all on their balconies and … they’re everywhere. It’s very exciting,” the songstress said. “People had decked out their balconies and were wearing shirts […]

Posted by admin on 26 Jan 2011
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Justin Bieber told Taylor how he fractured his foot

You might heard already that Justin Bieber fractured his foot when performing on Wembley Arena alongside Taylor Swift. Here he is explaining to Taylor how that happen. (: Get well soon Justin! Source: Justin Bieber Youtube Channel Description: so the amazing Taylor Swift invited me to join her in the UK at Wembley Stadium and […]

Posted by admin on 26 Nov 2009

Taylor nominated for Billboard Touring Award

Fearless Tour is nominated for Breakthough award in Billboard Touring Awards. The awards will be handed out on Nov 5th. The Breakthrough Award goes to the top-grossing artist in their first decade as a national headlining act. Four artists enjoyed remarkable touring breakthroughs this year: Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Kings Of Leon, and Il Divo. […]

Posted by admin on 16 Oct 2009
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Conference Call

Taylor has another conference call between her tour dates. She (wisely) refused to talk more about Kanye West incident, but other than that she talked about touring, songwriting, Gloriana, Kellie, and Fearless Platinum Edition. Here are some parts of the interview. To read more click HERE Where do you see your songwriting taking you? When […]

Posted by admin on 3 Oct 2009
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Fearless Back to #1

I intended to post this yesterday but there were so many news, in the end I forgot. Sorry guys. Thanks to Sujun for the reminder. (: In a chart week encompassing Grammy boosts and Valentine’s Day sales, Taylor Swift’s Big Machine effort “Fearless” returns to the top of The Billboard 200. The set moved 92,000 […]

Posted by admin on 20 Feb 2009
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