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Hey guys, I added 2 pictures from Redbook mag photoshoot to the gallery.
Edit: added another picture from CMT crossroads. Taylor has put some pictures from the redbook photoshoot and cmt crossroads on her myspace. Check them out on her myspace or in the gallery.

Credit: Melanie Dunea

This photoshoot is a part of Redbook November issue.

Taylor Swift:
Taylor releases her sophomore album, Fearless, on November 11. This year, she has also scored an Academy of Country Music Award for Top New Female Vocalist, MTV and VMA nods for Best New Artist, two number one hits and five top ten singles, and her single “Change” from Fearless was chosen for the 2008 Olympic games soundtrack.
“I’m really excited about having the opportunity to vote in this election. My friends and I talk about it all the time, about the candidates and the issues. It’s still hard to imagine that when we cast our votes that they are actually going to count towards deciding who is going to be the next President of the United States. What we think and feel is going to count! The fact that our views matter is very empowering.”

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Taylor felt bad for her glasses

I was searching for Taylor’s CMT Crossroads news but I found this instead.

By Valerie Nome

Taylor Swift is on the road with Rascal Flatts, and she certainly rides in style on her tour bus, which cost nearly $1 million.
“My biggest splurge was my tour bus,” she tells me. “I got a custom-made tour bus with a fireplace, a pull-down treadmill, all kinds of cool stuff. It’s got hardwood floors, it’s a really cool bus.”
“I don’t really spend that much money except for putting money back into my career with tour buses, or treating my band right, or treating my career right. I want everybody on my team to be happy.
The 18-year-old star can’t get enough of Starbucks iced-caramel lattes when she’s on the road. And don’t forget the water bottles!
What’s something we don’t know about her?
I wear glasses,” Taylor tells me. “Pretty much when I don’t have pictures taken or whenever I’m not on stage, whenever I’m in my downtime, I have glasses on. I have two pairs. I have one pair that’s purple. They’re pointed at the edges and they’re thin. Then I have a pair of glasses that are really, really wide, bifocally-looking glasses that no one recognizes me when I wear. They’re the pair of glasses that nobody was going to buy. They were really dusty and nobody wanted them. I felt bad for them, and I wear them everywhere. I bought them and I gave them a nice home. I love them.”
And, what’s her most embarrassing moment onstage?
“This one time I had a bug land on my face, and I was on a Jumbotron. I had a camera on my face, and the crowd could see this giant bug. We were playing an ampitheater, and there was this enormous bug on my face. There’s this horrifying moment when the crowd starts laughing, and you’re wondering what’s so funny, and that turns to embarrassment. And then you’re wondering what’s embarrassing that’s happening to you. And you’re looking around, you look at the screen and you see that there’s a giant bug on your face. It was classic.”

I was going to cut it but oh well. I love that article. Here’s the source: OK Magazine

Hmm and a bit about crossroads under the cut

OK Magazine (with Valerie Nome)

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Taylor Swift’s Fearless Promotional Appearances

Via Country On-Demand:
GAC Artist Of The Month – November
CMT Crossroads: Def Leppard and Taylor Swift – November 7th
The Late Show with David Letterman – November 10
The Ellen Degeneres Show – November 11th
CMA Awards, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, CNN, Opportunity Knocks – Week of November 11th
Cover of Redbook, Rolling Stone feature, US Weekly, Cosmo Girl, People Country Special, Allure, American Songwriter, Dish Entertainment/Channel Guide Magazine, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Girl “Girl Of The Year”, Cover of Women’s Health, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Cover of Girl’s Life, Men’s Fitness, J-14, Performing Songwriter, Blender, InStyle, Glamour, Daily Variety “Youth Impact” Feature
E! Megastars Profile – December 19th
American Music Awards Performance – November 23rd
Music Choice BIG! Artist Of The Month – November
AOL Sessions in conjunction with Bebo – November
CMT Unplugged @ Studio 330 Sessions – November
Clear Channel STRIPPED – November
Online exclusive interview features with: MSN, Windows Media, Artist Direct, Yahoo! Music, Live Daily, MySpace, Seventeen, Cosmo, Entertainment Weekly, People, TV Guide, and more.

Now that’s a lot! She’s so busy nowadays. Good for us!

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CMT Crossroads Taping

Hey guys, I found some articles mentioning the CMT taping. Taylor was so excited to be doing the CMT crossroads with Def Leppard and called it her childhood dream.

During the taping of the show Taylor told the crowd after performing Def Leppard’s huge hit “Photograph”, “This is my childhood dream come true, I’m freaking out that that just happened!
Not one to usually hide her emotions, Swift explains her excitement to People magazine about performing with the band she says she listened to while in the womb. “My mom was a huge fan of theirs when she was pregnant with me,” Swift says. “So growing up, the music that was playing in my house was Def Leppard. It was music that she liked that I could like too.”


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CMT Crossroads Taped Tonight

Taylor Swift will realize yet another dream come true when she comes face to face with her favorite rockers, Def Leppard, today (Monday, October 6th) in Nashville. The teenager and the legendary band will tape the newest installment of CMT Crossroads tonight before an invitation-only audience.

The pairing was not something created by the show’s producer, but instead by Swift herself, as she told us: “I’ve wanted to do Crossroads with Def Leppard since I heard about Crossroads. I always thought, ‘That would be so fun to get these crazy British guys with these awesome songs and they’re rock stars and my band would freak out.’It never occurred to me that we’d actually get to do it.”

Swift took the bull by the horns and asked one of the members of Def Leppard about doing the show with her. “I actually made a phone call to the drummer a year ago. I was on tour with Tim (McGraw) and Faith (Hill) and I heard through the grapevine that Tim’s tour manager was Rick Allen, the drummer’s brother, so I kept bothering this guy, like bugging him non-stop, like, ‘Hey, can I have a call with your brother? I need to talk to him about something. Can I please call him? And one night he came on my tour bus and he was like, ‘I got someone on the phone for you,’ and it was Rick Allen.”

Swift said that Allen had no idea who she was as an artist when she first contacted him.
CMT Crossroads featuring Swift and Def Leppard will premiere on the cable network sometime next month.

CMT Hot Dish has an interview with Taylor. It’s a nice reading.


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Taylor to perform at CMC Rocks the Snowy’s 2009

Taylor is set to perform at CMC Rocks The Snowy 2009. The event will be held on March 6th and 7th 2009 at Thredbo’s Friday Flat, Canberra.

Confirmed artists are Taylor Swift (USA), Pete Murray, The Waifs, The Audreys, Steve Forde, Morgan Evans, Jasmine Rae, Jake Nickolai, Corb Lund (CANADA), Ash Grunwald, and Amber Lawrence. More artists to be confirmed. For more info click here.

Also, I just found out that Taylor is featured on the Fall issue of Jobromance magazine, it’s a free online magazine made by Jonas fans for Jonas fans. I got to tell you, the mag is amazing, so if you’re a Jonas brothers fans, it’s a must read. Anyway, she was featured on page 17. ;) Go to jobromancemagazine.com to download it.

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Taylor to host CMA preview special

According to Big Machine Records, Taylor will host a CMA awards preview special starting November 7 on Premiere Radio Networks.

Beginning Friday, November 7, Premiere Radio Networks will present its 2008 CMA Awards Preview Special hosted by reigning CMA Horizon Award winner, Taylor Swift. The four-hour radio special, which airs in advance of “The 42nd Annual CMA Awards,” will feature music and interviews with all of the top stars, including Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Keith Urban, Brooks & Dunn, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert and Sugarland, among others. The special will be broadcast to stations nationwide.

More here

Also, you can listen to the full version of white horse here. Credit: colbiefanatic101

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