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White Horse

Hi all, I hope you all were able to catch White Horse on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s awesome.

For those who haven’t listened to the song and dying to hear it,TaylorSwift.com has a 30 seconds sample of it. Go there now and click on the title White Horse!

EDIT:You can hear the song from the episode here. Credit goes to naley4ever89.

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Obsession with Grey’s Anatomy

A new blog!

Thursday, September 25, 2008
My long time obsession with Grey’s Anatomy.

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was born in 1989 and was bald until she was like two. Then she got a blonde afro. As a kid, she liked doing school projects and didn’t have that many friends. She hung out with her mom a lot. And her cat. Then she started writing songs about all those awesome rejected feelings and blah blah blah..one thing led to another, and she went on tour. Then a show came out called Grey’s Anatomy. It came out the same time her world was starting to change. Every time she would feel alone or stressed out, she would watch Grey’s Anatomy. Soon she just started to refer to it as “her show” and got all the seasons on DVD as soon as they came out and played them on repeat in the bus and downloaded every song that was EVER on Grey’s Anatomy episodes, and decided that one day she was inevitably name one of her future daughters Izzie. When Denny died in season 3, she couldn’t stop crying for days and it was borderline embarrassing. Anyway, so this show became her favorite thing ever and she watched it obsessively for years and years. And then one day, she got a call– and she found out that one of HER songs that SHE wrote…………. was going to be played on THE SEASON PREMIERE of her FAVORITE SHOW (possibly the BEST show EVER CREATED).. Grey’s Anatomy. And she started jumping up and down and started hugging people she didn’t know in the hotel lobby and sobbing hysterically– again, borderline embarrassing. And it was the best day ever. And then she blogged about it and hopes that you don’t think she’s weird for obsessing over a TV show so much. The End.

Guys, I can’t BELIEVE this! The song you’ll hear on Grey’s tomorrow night (TOMORROW NIGHT!!) is called “White Horse” and it’s one of my favorites on the new album. It’s a two hour premiere and I can’t wait to see it. The coolest thing is, I would’ve been counting down to tomorrow anyway, because that’s my show. I need to watch it, or the world ends. But now I’m counting down the seconds. I’m playing a show tomorrow night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so I hope the times line up to where I can catch it when I get offstage. I’ve been in LA for the past few days, and it’s been a blast. And I recorded a new song the other day for Fearless. I think it’s fun to put yourself under crazy pressure to finish a song by a certain deadline. That’s what I did with this last song. And that makes 13 songs on the new album. 13….. I think that’s a good number of songs to end up with….<3

Grey's Anatomy rules.


I love 13! And… This is also a reminder for you all, don’t forget to catch Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere.

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Interview with Ledger-Inquirer

Ledger-inquirer has an interview/article about Taylor that you can read here

Taylor Swift’s story is for anyone who ever thought heartache is only good for Kleenex manufacturers.
The curly-haired country songstress has found her musical niche singing about the ups and downs of love, penning songs with lyrics not too distant from an average teenager’s journal.

Some critics say Swift’s lyrics are trivial, even superficial. The teen counters by maintaining she writes what she knows.
“I can take that,” Swift said. “Because I’m not going to go write about babies and divorce.”

So true..

Anyway, Rolling Stone includes Fearless as one of their fall music preview. You can read about it here.

Working again with producer Nathan Chapman, Swift spent nearly eight months in Nashville studios recording 50-plus new songs, from which she picked Fearless’ 13 tracks. The banjo-plucked first single, “Love Story,” is a modern Romeo and Juliet tale, and the uptempo “You Belong With Me” is about watching her best friend date a snobby popular girl (“It’s a terrible movie that I lived a lot in high school,” she says). Colbie Caillat sings on “Breathe,” and Martina McBride’s kids lend finger snaps to “Hey Stephen,” an upright-bass-propelled groove inspired by a quickie crush. The one track that isn’t about the 18-year-old’s love life is “Change,” a spunky pop song inspired by her career: It begins with a frustrated star-to-be struggling to get her music out on a small label and ends with gorgeous, triumphant “hallelujah” choruses. “I finished the song after I won the CMA Horizon Award,” Swift says. “I’m happy the song got to end the way it ended.”

Okay, now I really can’t wait til 11.11!

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Some Taylor’s stuffs up for auction to benefit SOLID’s womenrockforthecure

Hey guys, SOLID ( Society of Leaders in Development) has some Taylor related stuffs including Autographed Kate Spade Handbag with Clutch, CD, Promotional Picture, Magazine up for auction at e-bay. This auction is part of the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Greater Nashville Race For The Cure.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Greater Nashville Race For The Cure. The funds raised by the Komen Race for the Cure Series help support breast cancer research grants, meritorious awards, and community outreach programs. The Komen foundation raises awareness for the fight against breast cancer, celebrates breast cancer survivorship, and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.
For additional information on Women Rock For The Cure, visit www.myspace.com/womenrockforthecure and for the Komen Race For The Cure Greater Nashville, visit www.komen-nashville.org.

Click here to view the items, read the details and place your bid. The starting bid is $500 for anyone interested in bidding.

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Taylor Returns To Studio..

Taylor will return to studio to add more songs to her album. Oh, isn’t she sweet? She wanted to give us more songs. I don’t really get it but maybe one of the 2 songs recently added to Fearless track listing(That’s The Way I Loved You and Forever&Always) hasn’t been recorded yet?

Taylor Swift will be in a Nashville recording studio today (Tuesday, September 23rd) to record one last-minute song for her upcoming album, Fearless. The singer told us she begged her label to add two additional songs to the CD, which, until recently, was finished. “Well, we thought it was all done, and then I really decided that I didn’t want to put 11 songs on it. I wanted to put 13 because I wrote one new song and found a song that I’d written a little while ago that I really wanted to put on the album. I just went to my record label and I was like, ‘Please let me do another recording session and we can mix it that night and then we can get it mastered that night and we can make the album deadline.’”

The song that Swift is recording today is the one she recently wrote. The other addition is a song that the teenager wrote with a fellow artist. “It’s a song that I wrote with John Rich, and I just decided it should be on the album. It’s already been recorded. We cut about 20 songs for the album and just kind of narrowed down which ones we wanted to put on the album, and so this was one of the songs we cut, and I realized I needed to have it on the album. Like, sometimes you go into an album with the mentality that if a song’s really great you want to save it for another album so that it can have a moment to be a single, and so that leaves some songs on the table if you put a lot of really great songs on the album you end up leaving some behind, but honestly, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Don’t forget to catch the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy as White Horse will be debuted there.

Taylor really love the show that she cried when she heard the news! That’s too sweet, like she said she’s an excitable person!

“You should’ve seen tears streaming down my face when I got the phone call that they were going to use that song,” she told Billboard. “I have never been that excited. My love of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has never wavered. It’s my longest relationship to date.”

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White Horse to Debut on Grey’s Anatomy

Just when I said news has been lacking, a great news came in. (:
Taylor’s song White Horse will debut on Grey’s Anatomy premiere on Thursday night. Yay we’re getting another song to hear soon.

Here’s the article

What better way to debut a new song than with the premiere of one of the most popular shows on television? Taylor Swift’s new song “White Horse,” which is a track from her new album, will debut on Thursday night during the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Smart girl! She knows millions of ladies (and a few guys) will be tuning in.
This is a huge deal for Taylor, who says, “Finding out I have a song in Grey’s Anatomy was one of the very few times in my life I’ve broken down crying out of happiness. That show is my biggest obsession and my longest relationship to date. Ha! I’m so happy, I don’t even know what to do with myself.”
Read the article here

CMT also mentioned it:

A new song by Taylor Swift will debut on the two-hour season premiere of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday (Sept. 25). The song will also be included on Swift’s upcoming album, Fearless, which will be released on Nov. 11. “It’s one of the songs that I am really proud of on the record because it’s so sparse — it’s guitar, piano and cello,” Swift told Billboard magazine. “It talks about falling in love and the fairy tales that you are going to have with this person, and then there is that moment where you realize that it is not going to happen. That moment is the most earth-shattering moment.”

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More Icons

Hey guys, news has been lacking lately that’s why I didn’t update yesterday. However, I did make some icons, mainly from the Love Story video and Taylor performance in Savannah.

Check them out here
Here are some:

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